Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Proof that I am an organizing dork

So, invariably, I'm at the checkout counter getting ready to buy something when BAM!, I remember I've got a great store coupon...at home. I've even forgotten that I had one in my purse or, pulled one out to use only to see that it's expired already.                            

I've tried many different methods of organizing and documenting said coupons and, more importantly, making sure they're available to actually use. I've been thinking for a while that some kind of binder system that I can keep in my car would work best but kept getting stuck on the particulars. At my local scrapbooking store, Archivers, I found this great binder from We R Memory Keepers, http://www.weronthenet.com/ .The binder's cool and all (a little pricey but you could use any binder you wanted)but what really sealed the deal for me was that they offer three different formats of pages for different photo sizes which, for organizing different sizes of coupons, works great!

This size, below, is great for 4 X 6 photos OR, in this case, medium sized coupons :) 

Next, you got your basic wallet sized photo page, perfect for coupon "cards"

And, finally, for your full scrapbooking page or big coupons, a 8 1/2 X 11 sheet

To try to keep a record of what I've got, what the "offer" is, and expiration dates, I just made a list and when I've used a coupon or it's passed the expiration date, I just scratch it out (very lo-tech!). Since there's not a pocket in this binder, I  taped  in a pocket divider to keep my list in. And, finally, on the outside of each coupon pocket, again, extremely lo-tech, I taped on a piece of post-it label with the expiration date pencilled in, then just erase it or scratch it out when I put a new coupon in.

Ta Dah! Proof Positive that I'm a true organizing dork...lol! I'd love to hear any suggestions on how to make this a better system or, even better, what has worked for you.


  1. Lists! I do lists of everything but I'd never heard before of a coupon's list. You are funny, and very well organized indeed!

  2. Brilliant! I so need to do something like this. Love the idea. The crafter er in me would also have fun decorating the cover...
    Thanks for posting with HH UK Post of the Month...that's where I'm stopping by from...

  3. I've tried having a little plastic accordion folder the size of an envelope for my coupons, but it never seems to be with me when I need it. I'm stopping from HH, too.

  4. What a great idea! I used to use a different accordion style folder - but I always left it at home. Looks like you've found a better system :) Thank you for linking up to Post Of The Month! Welcome! XOLaura

  5. Wow. You are super organised.
    I'm afraid most of my coupons go unused for exactly this lack of organisation. I pin them to my noticeboard and yet when I do my meal plans and shopping list, it just NEVER occurs to me to look and see what coupons are there. Hmmmmm. That's all I really need to do - check the board when making my lists for the week - why can't I do that?????

  6. This is a fabulous way to organize and be able to take advantage of sales as they come. Being hte grocery shopper in a family of 7, i may have to try this. stopping by from the blogpost bloghop. blessings to you!